Why Chiropractic? Tired of relying on pharmaceuticals to relieve your physical issues?


It’s time to move to a proven technique:  Chiropractic Care.

Why?  Quite simply, chiropractic care works.

By locating and removing neurological “short circuits” within the body (known as subluxations), chiropractors can help the body naturally eliminate the causes of symptoms such as dysfunction, discomfort or pain.

Subluxations can occur at any time in one’s life, including birth.  (Yes, even children can have subluxations!  In fact, more parents than ever are seeking chiropractic care for their sons and daughters because early intervention can help avoid health issues and complaints seen later in life.)

Left unattended, subluxations may become chronic.  They can produce pressure and irritation upon the nerves, sometimes causing pain that is so severe as to be disabling.  Worst of all, abnormal function of cells, tissues and organs may result from vertebral subluxation complex.

Ironically, not all subluxations present themselves in an obvious fashion.  Therefore, you could be walking around with them and not even realize the internal damage that’s happening!

Often-ignored signs of subluxation include:

  • – The heels of your shoes wear out unevenly
  • -You can’t take a satisfying deep breath.
  • -Your jaw “clicks”.
  • -You have to crack your neck, back or other joints… a lot.
  • -You can’t twist or turn your head or hips to either side easily or equally.
  • -You are often fatigued.
  • -You have poor concentration.
  • -You get sick much of the time.
  • -Your foot “flares out” when walking.
  • -One of your legs appears shorter than the other.
  • -You have poor posture.
  • -You have chronic headaches, backaches or sore spots (in muscles or joints).
  • -You constantly feel stress and tension, especially in muscles and joints.
  • -You feel back and neck stiffness.
  • -You have poor general health, or just don’t feel “right”


If you choose to do nothing about subluxations, they will not disappear on their own.  That’s why we recommend chiropractic care as a preventative and intervention-based solution.

Doctors of chiropractic care like Toronto-based Dr. Stanley Gorchynski locate and treat subluxations using gentle chiropractic spinal adjustments.  Chronic subluxations may take frequent adjustments, especially during the first months of treatment, to retrain the body.

Only doctors of chiropractic treat subluxations through this specific process.  Other physicians may treat the symptoms of subluxations, but only a chiropractor will treat the cause.

It’s time to eliminate all the nerve interference that’s keeping you from doing what you want and living the life you deserve!

Contact Dr. Gorchynski today at 416-224-2225 and start on your way to a foundation for long-term health!