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Toronto Residents with Chronic Neck Pain Find Relief in Chiropractic Care through the Activator Method

Chronic neck pain is a condition that affects millions of people across North America.  However, this pain is only a symptom of an underlying problem.  While painkillers as prescribed by physicians, or obtained over the counter, can help alleviate a portion of the discomfort associated with chronic neck pain, they cannot be expected to fully relieve the root cause of the pain.  Yet chiropractic care, when obtained from a highly-trained professional such as Dr. Stan Gorchynski, who practices in the Toronto region, has been shown to provide lasting relief by treating the source of the issue (i.e., the cervical column.)

The chiropractic care technique used by Dr. Gorchynski is a little different than what some patients expect.  It is known as the “activator method”, and he and has staff are passionate about it.  He even fought to keep the activator method in Canada three decades ago.  His crusade was successful; today, the activator method is used by the majority of American chiropractors, as well as numerous chiropractors nationally, in Australia and in New Zealand.

The crux of the activator modality is that it helps not only diagnostically tell what’s going on with the patient’s body, but also treats the problem rather than the symptoms.  Plus, rather than using manual spinal manipulations, the activator method allows the chiropractor to use specially-designed instruments during the course of treating patients.  Those instruments offer motions and adjustments that are faster and more precise than could be achieved by human hands alone.

Of course, for the patient who is experiencing chronic neck pain, how the activator method works is only half as important as the fact that it does work.  In fact, one of the most common reasons that patients come to Bayview Finch Chiropractic Clinic (or are referred by other doctors to Dr. Gorchynski) is to solve their neck pain issues.

Toronto residents who start on the path to chiropractic care can expect to see their pain lifting, sometimes as soon as after the first visit to the chiropractor.  Within months, most people experience a noticeable decline in problems with their chronic neck pain.  This enables them to get the most out of their lives, sometimes for the first time in years!

To learn more about the activator method, or to schedule an appointment at Bayview Finch Chiropractic Clinic, please visit their website today.