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Tai Chi and Toronto Chiropractors: A Powerful Combination

Chiropractic medicine is very frequently associated with the tai chi principles of balance and harmony. After all, it’s built around the notions of unblocking neural pathways to restore functionality of organs, circulation to muscles, and proper operation of our entire nervous system.Your chiropractor in Toronto works with the intent tobalance your spine and nervous system to harmonize the operations of your bodily systems.

While the similarities between the philosophy of tai chi and the science of chiropractic medicine are undeniable, there are actually quite a few more reasons why tai chi is an excellent complement to your regular visits to your Toronto chiropractor.

Tai Chi is Very Low-Impact

Many Toronto chiropractic patients suffer from injuries or chronic pain that makes many forms of exercise impossible. Some more intense exercises can cause wear-and-tear to a healthy body as well, particularly if you use improper form. For example,running can cause damage to the knees, soccer players often find themselves with ankle injuries, and lifting weights can cause a number of problems if your posture isn’t in alignment. Tai chi’s gentle movements are low-impact and pose little risk to your joints. It can be done by many patients whose pain prohibits them from more intense exercise.

Tai Chi is Simple Yet Effective

While the movements are slow and simple, tai chi is actually a Chinese martial art, like Kung-Fu, that has been slowed down. By intent, these innocuous movements actually engage quite a few muscles throughout your body, including the muscles in your abdomen and pelvic area that supports your spine.

A recent survey released by Consumer Reports polled 3,500 adults suffering from back pain, and found that 90% who combined tai chi or yoga with their regular back pain treatment reported that the light exercise offered them additional relief.

Tai Chi is Accessible

Tai Chi has been gaining momentum over the years, and tai chi classes, groups, and schools are increasingly common. Classes can be found in a number of tai chi studios throughout Toronto, and there are a number of tai chi social groups that can be found through services such as Meetup, or through local community centers.

If you’d like to know more about the various options you can use to complement your chiropractic treatment, or to schedule an appointment with your Toronto chiropractor, contact us today.