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Silly Name, Great Organ: Your Toronto Chiropractic Clinic Takes a Look at the Spleen

We all know it’s fun to say. We know it’s an organ. And most of us are pretty sure it’s important. But do you know what it actually does? And, more importantly, do you know that treatment at a Toronto chiropractic clinic can help it do that better?

This week, we’re going to take a look at this silly-sounding organ, so we can better understand how chiropractic care can improve your health.

What’s So Special About a Spleen?

Your spleen actually plays two extremely important factors in your overall health.

First, it acts as a filter for your blood, removing old red blood cells, breaking them down, reusing the amino acids while shunting what it can’t use to the liver for disposal. By constantly breaking down old blood, your body is able to keep your circulatory system (which delivers oxygen to all your other organs, muscles, and most importantly your brain) running efficiently.

This component also holds an ‘emergency reserve’ of blood and clot-forming platelets which it can release in case of injury.

Second, it acts as a control station for your immune system, controlling the production of infection-fighting white blood cells to help fight off viruses. Once the white cells have done their job, they return to the spleen just like your red cells, where the infection is shunted to the liver for disposal.

Simply put, the spleen keeps your blood healthy and clean.

The Spine/Spleen Relationship

There are studies dating all the way back to the 1920s showing an association between spinal misalignments and inflammation of the spleen, and a deluge of corroborating studies have been conducted since.

Like the rest of your organs, your spleen is actually controlled by your brain, which communicates with it through your nervous system. Subluxations and misalignments can reduce the efficiency with which your brain can communicate with your spleen, as well as how well your spleen can send information to your brain. This could result in impedance of any step of spleen function, whether it’s producing enough white cells to effectively fight off a virus, effectively breaking down red cells, controlling the ‘emergency reserve’ of blood, or even effectively disposing of the toxic leftovers that a healthy spleen will send to the liver.

Healthy Spleen, Body’s Clean.

A healthy spleen means that your blood is filtered and efficient, that your immune system is ready to fight off potential viruses and infections, and that your whole body is able to get the precious oxygen it needs to function.

Make sure this funny-sounding yet all-important organ is working at its best. Book regular chiropractic adjustments today!