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Should I Visit a Chiropractor if I’ve Been In An Auto Accident?

While auto accidents can vary greatly in seriousness, ranging from a dinged fender and a bad day to an extended hospitalization followed by years of rehabilitation,such accidents are very common.Most people experience several in their lifetimes. So, given the range, one might ask: when, and after what sort of accident should I visit a chiropractor?

Should I Visit A Chiropractor After A Major Auto Accident?

While some may consider major injuries to be the realm of doctors and hospitals, it’s important to remember that licensed chiropractors are trained medical professionals with experience working with injuries. In fact, chiropractic treatment is an excellent complement totherapeutic rehabilitation, and can accelerate healing while providing drug-free relief to pain.

Should I Visit A Chiropractor After A Minor Auto Accident?

The most common accident-related visits that we see are after minor accidents that leave the patients with whiplash, strains, minor concussions, and spine-related pain.  While many know to seek treatment for these, all-too-often we see patients ‘sit on’ these injuries until they become unbearable or excessively painful, trying to let it ‘heal on its own’.

Leaving such injuries to heal themselves can result in your body developing scar tissue that can greatly affect your body’s capacity to fully heal, and leave subluxations that can cause cascading damage throughout your nervous systems. If you have any pain from injury or any lingering aches and pains long after your accident, you should visit your chiropractor immediately.

Should I Visit A Chiropractor If I’m Not In Pain After An Auto Accident?

While low-speed bumps such as those caused by backing into an object in a parking lot might cause you to worry more about the damage to your car more than to your body, it’s important to understand and respect how much force even a low-speed collision can exert on your body. A car is a heavy object with a tremendous amount of momentum behind it, and when you bump into something, its entire weight is transferred through your seatbelt to you (or, if you weren’t wearing a seatbelt, the momentum throws you into the dashboard or steering wheel). Even a collision at 15km/h provides enough momentum to throw your spine out of whack, and it’s a good rule-of-thumb to schedule a visit to your chiropractor to make sure that your spine is intact. After all, the tension and subluxations that are found in all major chronic pain conditions are often initially undetectable before slowly manifesting as chronic pain syndromes later in life.

The Short Answer:

Yes. If you’ve been in an auto accident, great or small, you should visit a chiropractor as soon as possible.

Have you been in an auto accident? Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a chiropractor.