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Regular Visits to a Chiropractic Clinic in Toronto Can Keep Athletes in Tiptop Shape

As athletes learn early in their careers, overuse injuries are common. It doesn’t matter if you’re a recreational athlete, school or collegiate athlete, professional athlete, or Olympian. Without proper care, the body starts to break down, and problems arise. This is one of the reasons that so many athletes in the GTA develop a relationship with a chiropractic clinic. That way, they can ensure that their bodies remain in the best condition possible.

Common Overuse and Sports Injuries in Kids and Adults

You only have to turn on the news or do a quick Google search to hear all the buzzwords related to the most common overuse and sports injuries in athletes. From teenagers who don’t know how to safely train, to aging adults who play the “weekend warrior” game, they all are susceptible to the following medical conditions:

  • Muscle sprains and strains. Anyone who has felt unusual aches and pains after playing a game of pick-up basketball or a round of golf (after a year’s absence from the greens) understands how quickly such strains and sprains can arise.
  • Broken bones. From the tiniest bone in your body (the stapes), to the largest one (the femur), broken bones cause pain on a number of levels. Even if you merely fracture a bone, the injury can be traumatic.
  • Shin splints and hamstring pulls. These are very common in track athletes, but they affect other athletes as well. Without rest, ice and proper care, they can become chronic conditions that flare up regularly… and at the most inopportune moments.
  • Knee, elbow, hip and rotator cuff injuries. Injuries to all the joints of the body can mean the end of performing a sport. They can even lead to surgeries if the problem is severe enough.

Of course, there are plenty of other issues faced by athletes. But how can regular visits to a chiropractic clinic be helpful?

How Chiropractic Care Helps Athletes Stay in the Game

When athletes begin to make routine appointments with a chiropractor, they usually start to notice that their bodies are able to recover faster from any problems, and improve faster as well. Over time, they may also begin to make major gains in flexibility and reaction to body stressors. This is all due to the benefits of chiropractic care.

At Bayview Finch Chiropractic Clinic, Dr. Stan Gorchynskiuses the activator method to help athletes’ bodies stay in perfect alignment. Often, when sports are played long-term, the body is forced into awkward positions. Those unnatural positions start to feel “natural” to the athlete, but are not natural from a health perspective. Therefore, the chiropractor uses tools to comfortably remind the athlete’s body where it should be. The result is a proper fit; after all, the body is rather like a large puzzle! If the wrong pieces are jammed together, the picture cannot possibly be perfect!

To learn more about chiropractic care for athletes, or to set up an appointment at Bayview Finch Chiropractic Clinic, contact us today.