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Reduce the Strain of Raking Leaves with your North York Chiropractor

Winter is drawing closer every moment, which means the clock is ticking down on your time to rake up the leaves before it’s too late. As any experienced homeowner will tell you, leaves left on your lawn over the winter will compact and rot, leaving you with an unpleasant, smelly mess when the snow finally melts in the spring.

But before you grab the rake and get to it, it’s important that you keep these safety tips in mind.

Warm Up

Raking is a repetitive, strenuous activity. As with any strenuous activity, it’s important that you come at it loose-and-limber. Raking can be particularly strenuous on the shoulders and back, so make sure that you run through some basic body stretches before you start.

The Right Tool for the Job

Your rake can make a world of difference in how much strain the act of raking will put your body through. Your rake should be long enough that you don’t have to bend over, and wide enough to cover a significant swath of your yard so that you don’t need to make as many passes.

Weight is also important; metal rakes can be heavier than their plastic counterparts. Before buying a rake, it’s always advisable to give it a few test swipes in the store to make sure it’s got a good feel to it.

Keep Your Posture

Make sure you’re not bending and pulling with your back. When raking, your arms and legs should be doing all the heavy work while keeping your spine reasonably straight. Slightly bending your knees and shifting your weight with your legs can give you a little extra pulling force. Switching your hands now and again can prevent one side from being over-exhausted and experiencing repetitive strain.

See Your North York Chiropractor

Regular chiropractic care in North York is an excellent way to keep your body limbered up, reducing pressure on your joints, and repairing any old strains or injuries that could be aggravated by raking.

Chiropractic adjustments are also great at relieving any muscle aches and pains that you might experience after raking, getting you back on your feet as soon as possible to enjoy the rest of the season before the snows move in.

If you’d like to stay healthy this season, book your chiropractic appointment in North York today.