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Parents Taking More Kids to the Chiropractor

A recent article in Reuters Health news suggested that more parents are taking their children to the chiropractor, and are very happy they have done so.

It is well known that many adults during the past decade have been choosing a number of “alternative therapies” but a new study shows that many are also choosing a similar approach for their children.

Nearly one-quarter of parents surveyed used some type of alternative approach for their child, such as chiropractic care. More than 80 percent of the parents surveyed were somewhat or very satisfied with their child’s most recent experience with the alternative approach and 90 percent said they would be willing to use an alternative approach again for their child’s health care in the future.

The survey suggested that parents brought their children in most for conditions such as respiratory illnesses, strains and sprains, allergies, digestive problems and ear infections. Twelve percent of parents also were choosing an alternative approach for their kids as a method of disease prevention.