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North York Chiropractor: Can a Tablet Help With Your Lower Back Treatment?

Can a computer device help with your lower back treatment? It just so happens that the tablet—a device that’s half-way between a smart phone and a laptop computer—can actually be a godsend for your spine. If you were looking for justification to buy a tablet device, here are some ways your lower back treatment from a North York chiropractor can be enhanced with a tablet.

Much Lighter than Laptops

On average, tablets weigh 0.8 kg (1.75 lbs), while laptops tend to weigh in around 2.3 kg (5lbs). This is a major difference, particularly when they’re being carried in a standard single-strap laptop bag.

Tablets are also much better-suited for use during ‘waiting situations’, such as while waiting in a long line or while riding public transit. They can be taken out and activated in an instant, and can be used while being held in your hand, without a solid surface on which to rest it.

Even Lighter than Paper

While sheets of paper might be leafy and light, large novels and textbooks are more akin to logs: They can be very heavy, and extremely awkward to carry around. Tablets and dedicated tablet-style reading devices are often lighter than a single book, and can be used to store an entire library.

…But You Got to Know How to Hold ‘Em…

A word of caution which applies to all mobile devices: Tablets, if not held properly, can cause ‘tech neck’. Always make sure that your tablet is held up at eye level. If you have to look down to see the screen, then you’re causing undue strain on your neck, which will eventually cause neck problems.

When Isn’t a Tablet Right For You?

While tablets are great for some applications, they do have their limits. They tend to be much less powerful than laptops, making them poor choices for resource-intensive programs. Always make sure you know what specs you require before you purchase a tablet.

Do you want to learn more lower back pain treatment tips from your North York chiropractor? Would you like someone to show you how to hold a tablet to avoid ‘tech neck’? Would you simply like to keep your spine and nervous system in tip-top shape? Contact us today to book an appointment.