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Need Lower Back Pain Treatment? These 3 Spring Fashions May Be Why

The worst weather is now far behind us (knock wood), which means many fashionistas are going to be breaking out the latest spring and summer fashions. But before you choose your outfit, you may want to consider what that fashion is going to do to your body.

While there’s nothing wrong with looking good while you’re undergoing treatment for lower back pain, these 3 spring fashions may very well be why you need lower back pain treatment in the first place.

Skinny Jeans

While it’s okay to rock the skinny jeans every now and again, they do constrict your legs a fair amount. This might be okay on occasion, but if they’re worn too often, this constriction can limit blood flow to your legs and cause nerve damage.

It’s also important to ‘skinny jean’ in moderation.Wearing anything that’s tight enough to cause swelling or minor discoloration can cause serious tissue damage.

Oversized One-Shoulder Bags

As we covered in our previous article on bag-related back pain, having an over-sized or over-loaded bag hanging off of one shoulder can throw your body off-balance, placing uneven strain on your spine, and causing significant stress and subluxations that can lead to a number of nerve-related issues.

Unfortunately, fashion doesn’t listen to sound health advice, and large designer purses frequently find themselves in vogue. If your dedication to style requires a large bag that can’t be worn ‘messenger style’ across the chest or back, at the very least, make certain that you keep it light, emptying it regularly. While the larger bags do restrict movement and weigh more themselves, the real danger comes when all of that space is filled with heavy items.

Summer Shoes

While we have already covered the dangers of flip-flops, we cannot stress enough the dangers associated with them.

While other summer shoes aren’t quite as bad for your back as flip-flops, many still fall short of healthy. Any shoe that doesn’t have at least a strap at the back can cause undue tension in your spine, and run the constant risk of slipping off your feet, causing an injury.

High-heels aren’t blameless, either. Heels are worn to emphasize the musculature in your calves and legs, but they achieve this feat by causing a light but consistent strain on them, causing them to flex more than they normally would. This flexion places additional stress on the spine if maintained for too long. If you wear heels, it’s recommended that you have a pair of ‘back-up’ shoes that you can change into when you can take a break from ‘dressing to impress’, and make sure to remove the heels regularly.

Don’t Needlessly Suffer For Beauty

Has your fashion sense caused you lower back pain issues which require treatment? Do you want to get a ‘tune-up’ to make sure that you don’t fall victim to your favourite fashion’s down-side? Would you like to learn more about how you can keep your spine healthy? Book an appointment today.