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logo_stanleyI am pleased to have your interest in chiropractic care, and I would like to share with you how I came to be a chiropractor.

When I was 18 years old, I had a summer job in a dairy in my home town of Canora, Saskatchewan, population about 3,000 residents. It was one of the largest businesses in my town and it produced all types of dairy products such as milk, creams, butter and some cheeses, frozen products like ice cream and ice cream bars, popsicles and so on; it was a busy place. One of my jobs at the time was to load and unload semi-trailer trucks that were bringing products to and from the plant. During one work assignment, as I was loading 50- pound boxes of butter over a number of days, my left wrist became increasingly sore to the degree that I thought I would have to give up my job because I could not use my left hand usefully or safely.

After a few days of growing pain, I went to my family physician who prescribed a medication that was like an aspirin, only stronger. It didn’t work, and following another day of physical work, my left arm and hand were aching to the point that I could not sleep. I wanted to keep my job, and didn’t know what to do. It was at this point that someone at work suggested I go to the town chiropractor. I had never been to see him before and I didn’t know what he did, so I asked by parents about chiropractic care, and they, never having been to a chiropractor, did not have any information to help me decide whether or not I should go. The pain and my desire to keep my job overcame my questioning, uncertainty and fear and I went.

Once with the doctor, I think he ‘adjusted’ every joint in my body, and when I walked out of his clinic I couldn’t believe how amazingly well I felt. I recall feeling as though I was walking on air – about a foot above the ground. My wrist was almost immediately pain-free, and I remember thinking that chiropractic care was the best kept secret that I had yet encountered. I found it difficult to believe that I had not heard more about chiropractic before that moment, or that my parents had never been to a chiropractor. I also recall feeling that it was unfortunate that I had to go through those days of pain and uncertainty about my job and future health of my hand, before someone had suggested seeing the chiropractor.

I did not fully understand the health implications of chiropractic care for a number of years, however, I benefited from an occasional adjustment that dealt with the aches and pains of the moment. A number of years after my wrist experience, I was involved in a serious car accident, and had to walk on canes for a year and struggle without the canes for a second year. I had not thought to go to a chiropractor after my accident because none of the medical doctors who ‘put me back together’ suggested I see one, and their advice to me was to get used to the pain for it would be with me the rest of my life. A year after I was able to walk without my canes, and two years after the accident, I developed a neck problem that became increasingly painful so I thought of seeing a chiropractor in Winnipeg where I lived and attended university. The Winnipeg chiropractor that I went to, unlike the first doctor I visited in my home town, explained the health benefits of what chiropractic could do for the human body. The injuries to my back which had kept me incapacitated and walking on canes for the year after the accident, continued to hurt and pain to the degree that I would have to spend a day or two a week at home to let it settle. The chiropractor told me that the neck pain was related to the back injuries, and that he had to treat my whole system, which included my lower back, in order to help my neck and to help settle the back problem that had not healed even two years after the accident. He went on to explain that health can only exist in a body where there is full nerve health, that is, where the nerves are communicating fully between the brain and the body; wherever there is nerve pressure or strain to the tissues around a nerve, it cannot and will not work well, and will result in dysfunction, pain and decreased health and well-being.

I agreed to being treated, and, like my first experience, the injuries and pains that I lived with for the two years following the accident, began to heal and my overall health began to improve.

It was through the education provided by that Winnipeg chiropractor that I began to understand that health was the product of a fully communicating nerve system, and that without it, not only would one’s health decline and suffer, but that their emotional, mental and spiritual capabilities would equally be challenged and limited. An individual could not live up to their full potential and life expression if their neurological health was not at its best. I didn’t realize it at the time, but that growing understanding would become a desire to help others, not only to understand the fundamental importance of their structure and resulting function, but to also help them restore their health and then to maintain it.

I became a chiropractor to help others as I was helped.

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