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Make Sure You’re Ready for the Holiday Season with North York Lower Back Pain Treatment

The holidays can be rough. Fighting crowds at the mall, lugging around shopping bags, shovelling snow—there’s no doubt that the months ahead of us are going to be hard on our backs. The last thing we need is a strain or injury before the season even really starts!

Preparation is key to keeping healthy. By following these tips, you can make sure that you’re hale and hearty, and ready to take on the holidays head-on.

Keep Yard Work Safe to Avoid Lower Back Pain

Aches, strains, and subluxations sustained while doing yard work can often seem innocuous to start, but can cause a chain reaction that makes us susceptible to more severe injury down the line. Make sure that you follow our guide on how to safely perform fall yard work!

Be Ready for Winter (Before Winter Reminds You)

You know that expression, “It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it”? This is particularly true of your winter gear. Make sure that you have everything you might need for winter before the first snowfall, including de-icing salt, an ergonomically suitable shovel, and snow tires for your car.

You know that you’re going to need these eventually, and if you wait until it’s too late, you risk sustaining an injury on your way to pick up your winter safety stuff.

Get Ahead of Lower Back Pain with North York Chiropractic Treatment

Regular adjustments can reduce stiffness and increase flexibility, both of which can significantly lower the risk of sustaining lower back injuries. At the same time, chiropractic adjustments can improve the immune system, working with other preventative measures to make sure that you aren’t taken out by illness, either.

To get the drop on seasonal lower back pain, book your appointment today.