Rest Easier With Chiropractic Lower Back Pain Treatment

Lower back pain is one of the most common reasons for new patients to seek chiropractic treatment, not only because of the common association between chiropractic care and back muscles (likely due to their proximity to the spine), but because of how famously effective chiropractic care can be in the treatment of lower back pain. Relief is there at Bayview Finch Chiropractic Clinic.

An Extremely Common Ailment

Most would find it surprising that a chronic, asymptomatic neck condition is the primary cause of low back problems. To protect the delicate neurological functioning of the neck, the brain transfers extra work to the low back, and over time, the extra wear and tear begins to take a toll.  Over time, disc degeneration and arthritis develop internally, while externally we become aware of stiffness, aches and pains that increase in severity and impact. Because of the slow, progressive changes to the low back, we usually attribute low back pain to an activity or an event we were engaged in when the pain becomes more stubborn or unrelenting. Common circumstances blamed for causing low back pain:

1. Being overweight or obese

2. Injury or strain

3. Stress

4. Pregnancy

5. Poor posture

6. Growing pains (in teenagers)

7. Ageing pains (in seniors)

8. Poor ergonomics

9. Sleep position

10. Excessive time spent seated

Chiropractors call an area in the spine where the wear and tear have done their damage a subluxation (misalignment of bones, joints and muscles causing nerve irritation and pressure), characterized by stiffness, discomfort or pain. And, since your spine is a ‘hub’ of your nervous system, issues with your spine and lower back can extend to the rest of your body, resulting in issues such as leg pain, poor digestion, strained immune systems, and even reduced organ functionality.

What’s more, many of these subluxations are of gradual onset, making many who suffer from tension and lower back pain not realize how profoundly their back pain is impacting their health and general wellbeing.

See The Difference That Chiropractic Lower Back Pain Treatment Can Make

While chiropractic treatments can significantly reduce the pain and stiffness in the lower back, the benefits of adjustments often have a ‘ripple effect’, improving overall health and wellness. Patients treated for lower back pain are often surprised by how many of their health issues were caused by their spinal condition, and how far-reaching the relief resulting from treatment can be.

Our services don’t end with chiropractic treatments. We believe that the ultimate goal shouldn’t be just to treat the symptoms, but to treat the core causes of disorders. That’s why we will try to assess what’s causing your pain, and provide you with advice on how you can change your habits to avoid further injury in the future.

To learn what a difference chiropractic treatment can make, book your chiropractic appointment today.