Article Is Your Neck Pain
a Pain in the Neck?

Is Your Neck Pain a Pain in the Neck?

Neck pain problems can be eliminated by chiropractic care

Pain that is located in the neck is very common.  But what causes that “pain in the neck”, why do people experience it, and, most importantly, how can you get rid of it?

bayviewfinch-bannerThe Why and What of Neck Pain
Neck pain is usually preceded by wear and tear of neck joints that become inflamed due to the degenerative changes to the joints, discs and bones leading to over-worked muscles. When the neck muscles become excessively fatigued, they will fail and result in spasms or strains.

Conditions producing neck pain include degenerative disc disease, neck strain and neck injury (i.e., whiplash, a herniated disc, a pinched nerve.)  This means that risk factors include injury from contact sports, motor vehicle accidents, aging or osteoarthritis.

Typical Neck Pain Symptoms and Associated Conditions

Neck pain is commonly associated with dull aching, worsening with movement.

Headaches are a common symptom of neck pain, as are facial pain, shoulder pain, and arm or hand numbness or tingling. Upper and lower back pain, shoulder, arm and hand problems can also be traced back to a neck problem.

Other symptoms of neck pain can include:

– Numbness
– Tingling
– Tenderness
– Sharp shooting pain
– Fullness
Difficulty swallowing
– Pulsations
– Swishing sounds in the head
– Dizziness
– Lightheadedness
Lymph node (gland) swelling

Neck problems that exist without pain can be suspected in children or in adults with recurrent ear infections, colds, recurrent flu, attention deficit or hyperactivity behavior, poor concentration or focus.

In general, recurrent illnesses that don’t clear up regardless of the use of medication usually have a neck problem that prevents the body from being able to rally full immune function.

Safely Getting Rid of Neck Pain

Chiropractors are skilled at determining the cause of neck, or cervical, pain, and at ensuring that proper treatment is provided, whether a chiropractic adjustment or referral for bacterial, viral or other systemic condition.

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