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How Toronto Chiropractic Treatment can Decongest Your Sinuses

As cold season rolls around, non-allergy sinus troubles become more common. Your nose runs, your head aches, you feel an awful uncomfortable pressure, and, for some, the symptoms can last for days or even weeks on-end.

Thankfully, regular chiropractic treatment can actually help alleviate the symptoms of sinus trouble, accelerate recovery time, and help bolster your immune system.

What causes Toronto’s sinus issues?

Your sinuses are hollow spaces within the bones of your face and forehead that act as an air filter for your body. Their purpose is to catch particulate matter (better known as ‘stuff’) before it reaches your lungs, draining potentially dangerous materials out by flushing the mucous.

It’s not the most pleasant image, but it’s a very effective way to keep the body healthy, and prevent infections from reaching the lungs.

Most common sinus issues are caused by the immune system over-reacting. Allergies, for example, occur when your immune system treats benign particles, such as pollen or cat dander, as though they were serious infections. Ironically, this over-reaction can leave the immune system vulnerable to real threats.

Similarly, if your immune system isn’t working at full capacity, any infections that you do acquire will take a greater toll on your body. Sinus infections could become more painful, they could last longer, and in some cases the sinuses will not be able to effectively drain, causing symptoms after the infection itself has passed.

How can Chiropractic Treatment help?

Like the rest of the symptoms in your body, your immune system is controlled through the central nervous system, which is connected to the rest of your body through your spine. In this case, it is the C2 vertebra, which is located right at the top of your neck. If C2 is out of alignment, it can disrupt the connection between your sinuses and your brain, which could cause your immune system to either under- or over-react.

If necessary, it is also possible to gently adjust the cranial regions over the sinuses so that the sinuses are able to function as they are meant to.

By making regular adjustments, chiropractic treatment can make sure that the neural pathways between your brain and your sinus cavities are open and in good working order.

Breathe easy this winter

Sinus infections can rob you of both sick days and general quality of life. This cold and flu season, breathe a little easier. Book regular chiropractic treatments with your Toronto chiropractor today.