Article Children and Chiropractic Care –
The Natural Way toward Long-term Health, Part II

Healthy Children With Chiropractic Care Part Two

In part two of our series on “Children and Chiropractic Care”, we’ll discuss the need to re-think our belief in pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter medications as “cure-all” remedies for young people’s ailments.

Physicians are often trained to prescribe medicines for a host of conditions.  While this is not necessarily bad, it’s also not overly healthy for patients, especially children.

This might be surprising to parents and guardians.  After all, why not turn to an antibiotic, an anti-inflammatory or a behavior modifying drugs if recommended by a physician for a child? Surely the family physician and the pharmaceutical industry know more about a youngster’s health and would not recommend a harmful intervention for any child, correct?

Again, it’s not a matter of the physician acting out of a nefarious desire; it’s more a matter of the physician not thinking in a holistic fashion, as would a chiropractic care provider.  In the end, the child’s body is learning dependency, instead of proactive natural mechanisms for lifelong good health.

Resorting to antibiotic, anti-inflammatory or behavior modifying medication while a spinal problem drains the body’s resources creates a confusing situation for a child’s immune system, compounding and complicating the dilemma for the child’s body. The invading drugs do what the body’s immune system should and is naturally capable of doing, so the presence of the drugs in the child’s body relegates the child’s natural immune defenses to be less and less responsive to protecting the body, making the child more and more dependent upon drug intervention. The child’s weakening immune system increases the child’s susceptibility to repeat occurrences of the condition being treated, for as the drugs decrease the symptoms, they are discontinued.

For example, an antibiotic is prescribed for a limited time, as extended use is damaging. As the child’s immune system weakens, it increases susceptibility to other health challenges which will require stronger and more complicated drugs because the body’s immune system is continuing to struggle or is shutting down.

To give a child the best chances for a truly healthy life (not just a symptom-free life, but a life which is not just free of disease but encourages the full expression of the child’s natural abilities and capacities) it’s critical to have his or her spines examined and adjusted by a doctor of chiropractic care.  Don’t rely on pills to do what the body is intrinsically capable of doing.

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