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The Natural Way toward Long-term Health, Part I

Healthy Children Chiropractic Care Part One | Bayview Finch

All children are unique.  Some are boisterous, some are reserved.  One may be inclined to love analytic subjects; another may dive headfirst into the performing arts.  However, there is one commonality that all young people share: The make-up of their bodies.

Tendons, ligaments, bones, muscles, nerves… these are all part of the human being.  This is why despite a child’s natural temperament or penchants, all youngsters can benefit from chiropractic care and treatments to keep their bodies as “tuned” as possible.

Yet “modern” medicine has been apt to eschew chiropractic treatment, instead focusing on the use of painkillers and surgeries to remedy ailments.  Unfortunately, this does not solve the intrinsic problem; it merely masks the symptoms.  Rather than look at the whole body, it encourages the idea of a non-holistic remedy.  Not surprisingly, the long-term health of the young patient suffers from this short-sightedness.

From many professional alternative doctors’ perspectives, the better way of safeguarding children against poor health is to begin by looking at the spine.

Why the spine?  Well, have you ever wondered what makes one child healthy, interactive and joyful, while another will be sickly, lethargic and moody? If we as a society recognized (and admitted) that illness, emotional discord or mental challenges all are symptoms of spinal problems, we would be able to keep our children as healthy as they can be – physically, emotionally and mentally – by having them checked and cleared of spinal problems.

Perhaps the best aspect of chiropractic care is that it can be valuable for persons of every age, including infants.  (Why not start the road to healthy living at the earliest age possible?)

Too many babies suffer from colic, recurrent coughs, colds, sore throats, sinus problems, ear infections and a host of other common illnesses.  This is due to the fact that their fledgling immune systems simply fail to control invading bacteria or virus, or correct the effects of the neurological irritation.

When a child’s body is struggling with spinal problems that drain its resources – like an electrical short circuit that drains the life of a battery – bacteria and viruses gain a stubborn hold within the child’s body, and recurrent, chronic illness results.  Thus, an unnecessary strain is placed upon the baby and good health is kept at bay.

Now that we’ve established a reason for continuing chiropractic treatment starting in childhood, we’ll turn to Part II of our “Children and Chiropractic Care” series and discuss the hidden dangers of constantly using prescription and over-the-counter drugs in lieu of spinal care.

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