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Feeling SAD? Toronto Chiropractic Treatment can Help Seasonal Affective Disorder.

It’s February. The weather’s cold, the days are short, and the world is covered in snow. We’re right in the middle of ‘Seasonal Affective Disorder’ season. Thankfully, chiropractic treatment can help you deal with these ‘winter blues’.

What Triggers Seasonal Affective Disorder?

Seasonal Affective Disorder, or ‘SAD’, is a psychological phenomenon that hits us every month, but more noticeably in the winter. Its arrival is usually marked at the point where snow loses its novelty, and lasts until the spring flowers start to sprout.

SAD is attributed to the culmination of a number of factors, including the reduced amount of natural sunlight, the inconvenience caused by cold weather, and the subconscious effect of being surrounded by the monotones of slush and snow where the rest of the year we see bright and cheery colours.

What Are Seasonal Affective Disorder’s Effects?

The primary by-products of Seasonal Affective Disorder are related to stress and depression.

Those affected by SAD tend to be much more easily agitated in the winter months, placing an increased strain on relationships, increasing anxiety levels, and making it more difficult to cope with day-to-day stressors.

SAD can also manifest as a lack of motivation, reduced morale, and a drain on your energy, often making those afflicted feeling as though they want to simply crawl into their bedroom and hibernate for the winter.

Another common side effect of SAD is a lack of sleep. Anxiety and depression can both lead to insomnia, as well as ‘light’ or interrupted sleep.

How can Chiropractic Treatment Help?

While chiropractic treatment can’t change the seasons, it can help to minimize the effects of Seasonal Affective Disorder, addressing the symptoms and making this time of year much easier to soldier through.

Chiropractic treatment can help you:

  • Relieve stress-related issues such as muscle tension and digestive issues
  • Improve the overall quality of your sleep
  • Reduce pains and strains caused by winter shovelling, slip-and-fall accidents, and winter activities
  • Improve your general health and general wellbeing, returning some of your lost energy.

Don’t let the ‘winter blues’ get you down. Contact your Toronto Chiropractic Clinic today!