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Every Chiropractic Adjustment Your Toronto Chiropractor Facilitates Gets You One Step Closer to Better Health

People who have never been to a chiropractor before are sometimes surprised by the process. In general, what occurs is a dialogue between patient and professional, a diagnosis is determined, and chiropractic adjustment provided. At the Bayview-Finch Chiropractic Clinic, Dr. Gorchynski uses instruments to correct the structural problems found with patients’ bodies. This involves adjustments made with the assistance of special tools to pinpoint problems very precisely. Following chiropractic adjustment, there may be prescription of at-home stretching and exercise. And finally, a next appointment will be scheduled.

But why is more then one chiropractic adjustment necessary? This is a question new patients frequently ask, and the answer can be found in comparing the body to your vehicle. When you take your car into your mechanic, it isn’t necessarily because the car has stopped performing. In most cases, it’s because a tune-up is needed, or to check for wear and tear. Perhaps the brakes are sticking, or the engine is making an odd noise. The mechanic will fix the problem, and you’ll continue driving the vehicle. And we all know that warranty coverage for your vehicle depends upon regular vehicle maintenance validated by stamps; consider your visits to your chiropractor as validating your health warranty.

The human body is somewhat like a vehicle that’s running, too. When we go to a chiropractor, it isn’t because the whole body has broken down. It’s because a part of it isn’t functioning correctly, or the body just isn’t working as it used to. As the chiropractor adjusts the body, the parts that aren’t working as well as others are tuned so that they can once again function more smoothly. And when all the parts of the body are working well and in tune, like your car, you will function better and feel healthier.

To be sure, the human body is much more complex than the inner workings of any vehicle, more sophisticated than even the most complicated high-end sports car with advanced-tech components! That’s why regular adjustments are helpful and necessary, and the key to ensuring the patient’s body is remaining in tiptop shape.

In other words, each chiropractic adjustment is getting you one step closer to better health. Every visit is a chance for you to build a brighter future filled with wellness, clearing the future roadway from health complications and breakdowns. Who wouldn’t want that?

To learn more about chiropractic care, please contact our office today. We’ll set you up with an appointment, and you’ll begin to see why so many of your Toronto neighbors believe chiropractic adjustments are the reason they feel so great.