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Employers: A Visit to a Toronto Chiropractic Clinic Could Reduce Workers Compensation Costs

A large amount of the traffic that passes through our doors at Bayview Finch Chiropractic Clinic is related to workplace injury. While this isn’t a surprise to those within the chiropractic community, many are surprised to hear the results of a recent study of Ontario workplace injuries: Workers are suffering unnecessarily, and increasing compensation costs, by putting off a visit to their Toronto chiropractic clinic.

A Comprehensive Look at Ontario Workplace Injury

The study, published in the Journal of Occupational Rehabilitation took a look at more than 5,500 Ontario workers who had to take paid leave due to workplace injury.

The study found that joint and muscle pains made up a majority of the workplace injuries and that most extended cases of workers compensation costs involved back injuries. In other words, most workplace injuries in Ontario are found to be treatable by chiropractic care.

A Delay of Care

In spite of most injuries being acutely treatable through chiropractic care, the study also found that most injured workers do not even consider chiropractic treatment until much later. Only 11% of injured workers involved in the study saw a chiropractor as soon as they were injured. Most of the others sought treatment exclusively through a family doctor, a visit to the emergency department, or through a walk-in clinic, not reaching the chiropractor’s table until about 3 months after the injury has been sustained.

In cases of injury, early treatment can be extremely important. Much like with a broken limb, if an injury is allowed to heal itself before it’s properly ‘set’, it can cause considerable hardship in the long-term. This, in addition to the fact that time spent avoiding proper treatment, is time that is spent writhing in agony on a couch rather than healing and returning to work.

Don’t Delay Treatment – Send Injured Workers to a Toronto Chiropractic Clinic

When someone is injured in your workplace, be it an employee, a co-worker, or even yourself, see that they aren’t denied the treatment they need. An extended injury is unpleasant for all parties involved, and should be treated appropriately as soon as possible.

When someone is injured on the job, have them book an appointment with a Toronto chiropractic clinic today.