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Be This Flu Season’s Smartest Antidote?

Could Chiropractic Be This Flu Season’s Smartest Antidote?

February 13, 2013 – Toronto Ontario

Chiropractic services are frequently associated with pain relief, and even preventative spine and joint issues, but could they also help fight the battle against those nasty “bugs” this flu season?  Signs – and chiropractors’ patients – are pointing toward the answer “Yes”.

Rather than relying on the flu shot, many individuals throughout Canada and the United States are taking matters into their own hands (or vertebrae) by calling chiropractic clinics to utilize age-old methods of fighting off influenza.  Their collective belief is that the body is capable of dealing with the flu on its own, as long as it is in balance.  And chiropractors around the globe agree, especially as they see their lists of patients grow yearly.

Chiropractic care is labeled as a complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), which may lead some to question its efficacy.  Despite some skepticism, chiropractic has become more widely used as a pre-emptive strike against many disorders and concerns… including the nasty virus that can keep people down and out for weeks.  In Canada, almost 75 percent of people have tried CAM at some point in their lives (according to a Fraser Institute report), so there’s a good chance a chiropractor’s number is already programmed into the family’s primary cell phone.

Will chiropractic help keep away all the aches and pains that flu season can bring?  While there’s no promise or guarantee that regular chiropractic visits are the key to freedom from the flu, doctors of chiropractic feel strongly that by taking care of subluxations, they can also prime the body’s systems to ward off invading viral infections.  After consistently delivered chiropractic treatments, the body’s defenses have been proven to increase, leading to natural immunity for many “common” ailments.

In the end, if it keeps an individual at work or in school rather than down-and-out, chiropractic care would be worth the effort.  And unlike the flu shot, chiropractic is non-invasive and delivers no pharmaceuticals into the bloodstream.

For more information about chiropractic care to fight off the flu (or to find out how comprehensive chiropractic techniques can combat lingering pain or discomfort from injuries), contact Toronto’s Bayview Finch at 416-224-2225.