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When choosing a chiropractor to provide preventative treatments and non-invasive methods, select the clinic that has a reputation for exceeding patients’ expectations:  Bayview Finch Chiropractic Clinic.

Bayview Finch offers a wide range of conservative, proven chiropractic services that include:

–  Comprehensive examination, including your medical history.

–  Diagnosis of your physical and mental symptoms (e.g., pain, depression).

–  Treatment plans geared toward helping your unique issues (e.g., spinal vertebrae adjustments, body joint adjustments).

–  Prevention of future illnesses and conditions without relying upon pharmaceuticals or invasive surgical techniques through a strengthened immune system.

At our chiropractic clinic, we take our role as health care providers seriously.  Our objective is to provide each and every patient with counseling and education, as well as the most current chiropractic care available.

Call Dr. Gorchynski today at 416-224-2225 to learn how chiropractic services can help you live the life you deserve.