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Choosing Chiropractic Care in North York to Help Treat Depression

Depression is a clinical condition that affects millions of people throughout Canada and the United States. Although the stigma surrounding this disease has slowly begun to dissolve, many people are still hesitant to discuss their emotional and physical symptoms with their physicians. While it is always recommended that every patient tell his or her doctor about depression concerns, it’s worth noting that telling your chiropractor can be helpful as well. In fact, some individuals in North York have discovered that chiropractic care helps them alleviate their depression.

It doesn’t matter if a patient is taking medication for depression, or whether they have chosen a more holistic, natural cure for the condition: Chiropractic care when practiced by a highly trained chiropractor can be very helpful. There are numerous reasons for chiropractic as part of a comprehensive depression treatment plan, including:

• Chiropractic helps alleviate pain. Discomfort, especially chronic discomfort, or even silent neurological irritation is a known amplifier of depression and depressive symptoms. When the pain or irritation is lessened, the child, teen or adult is no longer burdened by this physical issue.

• Chiropractic helps by decreasing neurological tension. Chiropractic care assists the body by reducing irritation to the nervous system. This will help someone with depression feel more relaxed, less ‘irritated’ and more able to cope with life.

• Chiropractic helps release endorphins. It’s not uncommon for men and women to report a feeling of “euphoria” after getting a chiropractic treatment. This is not a placebo! It’s actually a result of the release of feel-good endorphins throughout the body. Those endorphins can assist in getting over a bout of mild to moderate depression.

If you have been diagnosed with depression, it’s important to know that you can do something other than take medication for your condition – let chiropractic be a part of your solution. With this being said, if you do feel out-of-control or you have suicidal thoughts, please call or visit the emergency room nearest you immediately.

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