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How Chiropractic Care Can Help Patients Overcome Hip Pain

Are you one of the millions of people across Canada who suffers from chronic hip pain? You’ll be pleased to learn that for many patients in Toronto, chiropractic care has provided a practical, natural and cost-effective alternative to surgery and/or taking harmful pharmaceuticals to solve hip pain problems.

First, it’s important to note that hip pain stems from a number of different conditions and lifestyle choices, including:
• Osteoarthritis.
• Poor posture.
• Inflammation of ligaments and muscles in the hip area.
• Running or other high-impact activity.
• Inflammatory bowel syndrome (IBS).
• Overusing the hip with repetitive motions.
• Trauma to the hip area.
• Hernia.
• Sciatica.
• Prior dislocation of the hip area.
• Prior surgery of the hip area.
• Obesity.
• Joint impingement.
• Knee issues.
• Foot problems.
• Congenital deformities.
• Scoliosis.

No matter what the cause of the hip pain, chiropractic care helps in a number of ways. First, it aligns the spine so that posture is improved. This in turn enables the hips to each bear half the weight that is placed upon them. Never underestimate how integral this is to avoiding future hip pain.

Next, chiropractic care helps the body’s energies reach a positive life rhythm to promote healing. As the body gets more balanced, it is able to focus on the areas that are in need of healing, such as inflamed muscles. Finally, chiropractic has been shown to improve flexibility. This makes it easier for the hips to move without causing the patient any discomfort.

In the end, the patient with hip pain is left with a much brighter prognosis thanks to this holistic way of keeping distress at bay.

In order to tackle your hip pain, a thorough examination by a trained chiropractor is necessary. If you are in the Toronto or North York area, please contact the offices of Bayview Finch Chiropractic Clinic to schedule an initial consultation. Together, you and your chiropractor will form a plan to slay the proverbial “hip pain dragon” that has caused you so much stress.