Article In Canada,
chiropractic care is being used for humans and their pets.

Chiropractic Care: Gone to the Dogs… and Cats

In Canada and the United States, it could be said that chiropractic care has gone to the dogs; however, that wouldn’t be quite accurate.  In fact, it’s gone to the cats, as well as other family pets, too!

Some open-minded, pioneering veterinarians have come to realize what chiropractors have long known – the body can heal itself if it’s well-tuned from the inside out.  Consequently, a few vets are utilizing this ancient method of adjusting the body’s joints to help pets recover from problems and live longer lives.  And loving pet owners are clamoring to help their special buddies through complementary and alternative medicine.

It’s not that much of a stretch.  Many people are seeking out alternatives to traditional western medical techniques for themselves nowadays.  They’ve had such good experiences themselves thanks to experts like Dr. Stan Gorchynsky at Bayview Finch Chiropractic, Ontario, they want to share their good health with their loving (and lovable) pets.

Plenty of well-known physicians are referring their patients to acupuncturists, naturopathic doctors and chiropractors (like Dr. Gorchynsky) because they know that complementary medicine has been proven to work.  Add to that the reality that people are more and more connected to their pets (and therefore willing to try anything to help their pooches or kittens feel their best), and chiropractic care for pets isn’t such a crazy thought as it might first appear.

Of course, you might not be quite ready to send Fido or Fluffy to a chiropractor.  That’s fine.  But it’s important to recognize that chiropractic care (whether for humans or pets) isn’t “junk science”.  In fact, chiropractic techniques have been honed for millennia, and they’re still being tweaked to this day.  However, they are still all based on the notion that manual or instrumental adjustments made upon a body will be beneficial.  One methodology, known as the Koren Specific Technique, is being used at Bayview Finch to provide patients with exceptional relief.

The next time you’re feeling out-of-sorts, or you’ve had it “up to here” with all the pain killers that just don’t seem to be doing much more than emptying your wallet, try chiropractic at Bayview Finch with Dr. Gorchynski.  If you do, chances are good that you’ll soon be filling much sprier… maybe so much that you’d be willing to take your best canine pal on an extra-long jaunt!