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Advice from a Toronto Chiropractor: Can I Exercise While Pregnant?

There are a lot of myths surrounding pregnancy. And while many are relatively harmless (such as the myth that if a father puts on weight during the pregnancy, the baby is a boy), some of these can actually have an impact on the health of the mother. As a Toronto chiropractor, our duty is to look out for your health by dispelling common myths about pregnancy and exercise. Read more

North York Chiropractor: Can a Tablet Help With Your Lower Back Treatment?

Can a computer device help with your lower back treatment? It just so happens that the tablet—a device that’s half-way between a smart phone and a laptop computer—can actually be a godsend for your spine. If you were looking for justification to buy a tablet device, here are some ways your lower back treatment from a North York chiropractor can be enhanced with a tablet. Read more

Tai Chi and Toronto Chiropractors: A Powerful Combination

Chiropractic medicine is very frequently associated with the tai chi principles of balance and harmony. After all, it’s built around the notions of unblocking neural pathways to restore functionality of organs, circulation to muscles, and proper operation of our entire nervous system.Your chiropractor in Toronto works with the intent tobalance your spine and nervous system to harmonize the operations of your bodily systems.  Read more

Need Lower Back Pain Treatment? These 3 Spring Fashions May Be Why

The worst weather is now far behind us (knock wood), which means many fashionistas are going to be breaking out the latest spring and summer fashions. But before you choose your outfit, you may want to consider what that fashion is going to do to your body. Read more

2 Dietary Migraine Treatments to Complement Your Toronto Chiropractic Treatment

We’ve already covered how migraines are a bit of a medical mystery, and can be profoundly complex in nature. While chiropractic migraine treatment has been found to significantly reduce the frequency and intensity of migraine headaches, keeping track of what you eat is a great way to complement your migraine treatment. Read more

Should I Visit a Chiropractor if I’ve Been In An Auto Accident?

While auto accidents can vary greatly in seriousness, ranging from a dinged fender and a bad day to an extended hospitalization followed by years of rehabilitation,such accidents are very common.Most people experience several in their lifetimes. So, given the range, one might ask: when, and after what sort of accident should I visit a chiropractor? Read more

North York Chiropractic: 4 Ways to Reduce Bag-Related Back Pain

We’ve been seeing signs of spring creep in for a while now, which means many more of us are going to be spending more time out-and-about, leaving our homes and enjoying the sunshine. But, as we emerge from our hibernation and wander around, instances of bag-related back pain are going to emerge as well. To help you keep your back strong and safe this spring, your North York chiropractic clinic offers you these 4 tips to reduce bag-related back pain. Read more

Employers: A Visit to a Toronto Chiropractic Clinic Could Reduce Workers Compensation Costs

A large amount of the traffic that passes through our doors at Bayview Finch Chiropractic Clinic is related to workplace injury. While this isn’t a surprise to those within the chiropractic community, many are surprised to hear the results of a recent study of Ontario workplace injuries: Workers are suffering unnecessarily, and increasing compensation costs, by putting off a visit to their Toronto chiropractic clinic. Read more

Is My Headache a Migraine? And Can My Toronto Chiropractor Provide Migraine Treatment?

In spite of nearly 2.7 million Canadians being affected by migraines, very little is actually known about the root cause of migraines. As far as researchers are able to tell, it’s a genetic neurological condition in which a trigger (and the precise nature of that trigger varies from case to case) causes intense head pain. And while there are no cures for migraines, researchers have discovered that effective migraine treatment and relief may be as close as your Toronto Chiropractor at Bayview Finch Chiropractic Clinic. Read more

Flu Advice from your Toronto Chiropractor

December’s looming near, which means we’re barrelling into flu season. The flu is something that nobody wants, but it’s something that many people don’t completely understand, either. While a visit to your Toronto Chiropractor can help bolster your immune system, it’s important that you make an informed decision regarding the flu shot. Read more