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Car Accident Victims Often Seek Recovery with Help through Expertise of North York Chiropractor

At Bayview Finch Chiropractic Clinic, we often see people who have been in auto accidents. These include kids, teens and adults. Even if they didn’t think they had injuries originally, they developed problems over time that they related back to the crash. Those problems then led them to seek out a North York chiropractor, because there’s not any point in living with pain.

Typical Body Reactions to Car Accidents

A lot of car accident injuries are obvious, such as broken bones, broken skin, whiplash, bruising or muscle pain. Some of them aren’t so noticeable, though. They can include long-term back issues, memory problems, anxiety and depression. All of these reactions are understandable; after all, a car collision is a scary, traumatic event! Not only is it physically intense, but it’s psychologically intense as well.

How a North York Chiropractor Can Help Car Accident Victims

The good news is that people who have been injured due to traffic accidents can all get help through a chiropractor’s gentle touch. At our facility, Dr. Stan Gorchynski uses a method of chiropractic called the “activator method”. This means he doesn’t use his hands to make adjustments. Instead, he uses a specialized tool. This enables him to more effectively pinpoint where to make manipulations, as well as to make even the tiniest adjustments… to get the biggest results, of course.

In some cases, car accident victims who have worked with lawyers have gotten monies to pay for expenses directly related to injuries suffered in the crash. We’ll be happy to help you with diagnosis and treatment evaluations if you or your lawyer requires paperwork to show how your health has been affected by a vehicular accident.

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