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Can your Friendly Neighbourhood Toronto Chiropractor Treat Headaches?

Most first-time visitors who walk into our office for chiropractic treatment come to us in search of alleviation from back, neck, and/or joint pain. Chiropractic treatments are great for those ailments, but they cover so much more, including one of the most common—and most commonly ignored—ailments: Headaches. Research has found that chiropractic treatment can be extremely effective in dealing with certain types of headaches.

What Causes Headaches?

While there are some diseases that can cause headaches, about 95% of headaches are ‘primary headaches’, which means they aren’t caused by a physiological problem.

These headaches can have many triggers, including:
•  Bright lights
•  Loud noises
•  Strong smells
•  Stress
•  Insomnia
•  Changes in blood sugar

Many of these headaches have been found to originate not from the brain or head, but rather from muscular tension in the neck.

How your Chiropractor Can Help

Chiropractic adjustments improve spinal function while alleviating pressure from the vertebrae in your neck.

Or, in plain English, chiropractic treatments alleviate those headaches that originate from muscle tension in the neck, while improving neurological function that have been placing stress on other parts of your system.

Your ‘friendly neighbourhood’ Toronto chiropractor will be able to recommend minor changes that you can make in your daily life to minimize the stress on your body that might lead to future headaches. These can include dietary changes, supplements, ergonomics, exercises, and relaxation techniques.

For Your Head—And the Body Attached to It

Chiropractic treatment, just like headaches themselves, is more than just about the head and spine. Regular chiropractic treatments alleviate both physical and mental stress, improving the function of your entire body.

Keeping your nervous system in working order through regular chiropractic treatment can alleviate both physical and mental stress, nipping common causes of headaches in the bud before they can manifest.

Do you have any questions about what chiropractic treatment can do for you? Would you like treatments and advice to help you deal with your own headaches? Call or email us to book an appointment today.