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Advice from a Toronto Chiropractor: Can I Exercise While Pregnant?

There are a lot of myths surrounding pregnancy. And while many are relatively harmless (such as the myth that if a father puts on weight during the pregnancy, the baby is a boy), some of these can actually have an impact on the health of the mother. As a Toronto chiropractor, our duty is to look out for your health by dispelling common myths about pregnancy and exercise.

Myth: You Shouldn’t Use Weights While Pregnant

This is false. Many believe that pregnant women should avoid exercising with weights at all costs, but this simply isn’t the case. There are many case studies of female athletes and even female power-lifters who have maintained their intense workout regimens well into their pregnancies without experiencing any ill effects. In fact, OBGYNs report that complications related to physical exercise are extremely rare.


You may want to modify your workout routine to accommodate other factors of your pregnancy; while many strength training exercises may be safe, some might not be comfortable (or even practical) once you start to show. There are also some sporting activities that you absolutely should avoid, not because of the strain but because of the risk of trauma to the baby: Horseback riding, scuba diving, and ‘extreme sports’ such as skydiving and bungee jumping are definitely out.

You may wish to stay away from exercises that are difficult to do with the increased size and reduced flexibility of pregnancy, as well as substituting exercises that jar your body (such as running) to one that is low-impact (such as swimming).

And of course, as with any exercise, stop immediately if you feel any pains or light-headedness.

Myth: Never squat Below 90 Degrees When Pregnant

Contrary to what this somewhat myth implies, squattingwhile pregnant will not cause your baby to pop out. As anyone who has been through a difficult labour will be able to tell you: Labour is not that easy. Unless you’re already in labour, performing power-squats at the gym will not cause any risks of unintentional childbirth.

Myth: Easy Pregnancies make for Easier Childbirth

The truth of the matter is that childbirth is an a physically taxing process. It is like a marathon of physical exertion, and utilizes a number of muscles to push the baby out. When a mother-to-be exercises through her pregnancy, she is less prone to fatigue, and, according to fit mothers, has more enduring strength to work through the birthing process.

Fact: To Be Certain, Consult with your Toronto Chiropractor

Do you want to stay active through your pregnancy? Would you like more information on what exercises are safe for a mother-to-be? Would you like to learn how your chiropractor in Toronto can provide treatment that helps to complement your exercise routine and helps you reduce the pains of pregnancy?Contact us today to book an appointment.