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5 Tips on Preventing Sports Injuries from your Toronto Chiropractic Clinic

As the months get warmer, we tend to see an influx of sports-related injuries come through the doors of our chiropractic clinic. While it’s great to play in the sun, get some exercise, and socialize with like-minded people, it’s important to do so with your safety in mind.

To help keep you safe while you’re frolicking about in the warm weather, we offer you 5 tips to help keep you in peak condition.

5 – Gear Up!

Sports equipment manufacturers spend millions of dollars every year to make equipment specially suited to a single task. And while proper equipment can improve performance, it can also greatly reduce the risk of injury. For example, specialized distance running shoes will offer much more long-distance support than hiking boots.

A good fit is also important: Making sure that you’re using the right size, weight, and length of racquet, footwear, golf clubs, and so forth, can prevent strain-related injuries while bringing your game to the next level.

4 – Warm Up!

Before you participate in any sport, you need to get your circulation flowing, by ‘warming up’ and stretching out your muscles. Doing some light cardio exercise, such as a short jog or a bike ride, will get your blood flowing, granting your muscles the circulation they need to perform.

Once you’re warmed up, you’ll want to go through some basic stretching. While it’s absolutely necessary to focus on any muscles that your sport uses most (such as the legs for soccer or the core muscles for golf), you’ll also want to stretch out all the other major muscle groups as well. It’s important to do this after the warm-up, as studies have found that ‘cold stretching’ can actually cause muscle strains and injuries.

3 – Play Smart!

Proper form in sports isn’t just helpful for increasing your power, accuracy, finesse, and speed. Good form, no matter what the sport, will help you avoid dangerous motions that could wrench joints or stress muscles, cutting back on the chance of developing both short-term injuries, as well as potential long-term wear-and-tear.

If you’re new to a sport, or aware that your form could use some work, it’s always a good idea to hire a coach to help you develop proper form. After all, as any coach will tell you, it’s far easier to learn a good habit than change a bad one.

2 – Respect Your Injuries!

If you’ve sustained an injury, whether it’s a recent injury that’s mostly healed or a nagging injury from years ago, it’s very important that you are mindful when you’re playing sports. The adrenaline of competition and the endorphins from exercise can make it easy to mentally ‘work through’ pain—while this can make for dramatic moments in sports movies, in reality, injury-related pain is actually your body warning you to stop, telling you that you’re running the risk of re-injuring yourself.

1 – Maintain Your Body at Your Toronto Chiropractic Clinic!

No matter what your age, and whether or not you’ve sustained injuries in the past, good circulation and a responsive nervous system are both key components of both excellence and resilience in sports. Regular appointments at your Toronto chiropractic clinic can help prepare your body for the physical strain of even the most trying of sports, while granting you that little extra bit of circulation and flexibility that could mean the difference between triumph and defeat. And if you’ve sustained injuries in the past, chiropractic treatment can help you both manage pain, and facilitate the healing process.

Are you or any of your family members active during the summer months? Have you either sustained an injury that requires treatment, or want to help avoid potential injuries in the future? Contact us today to schedule an appointment!