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3 Back Injury Tips from a Toronto Chiropractor

Winter can be extremely hard on your back. Every Toronto chiropractor sees an influx of injuries this time of year, including shovelling injuries, slip and fall injuries, and the aggravation of chronic pain injuries such as sciatica.

To help you keep your back injuries to a minimum, here are a few tips on staying healthy this winter.

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Don’t Ignore ‘Minor’ Injuries

The spine is a delicate, intricate, and very complicated part of your body. The nerves contained therein handle the nerves connected to every system in your body, regulating everything from your heart and lungs to your immune system and pain receptors.

Back injuries that seem minor at the time can often have significant long-term effects. Seemingly minor injuries can gradually accumulate into sciatica (unbearable pain shooting down the leg), compromised immune function, or even a greatly heightened susceptibility to a far more significant back injury down the line.

Make Regular Adjustments with your Toronto Chiropractor

Even if your back is perfectly healthy, regular chiropractic adjustments in Toronto can reduce the risk factors for winter injuries. Not only does the treatment remove subluxations that can interfere with immune system function, but adjustment also relieves overall muscle tension within your back, which makes it less susceptible to being ‘thrown out’.

Wait—doesn’t my muscle tense up when I throw my back out anyways?

Not quite. First and foremost – which creates the condition for injury – there is always compromised nerve function that precedes the occurrence of pulled or injured muscles. If you ‘throw out’ your back, it’s because your back muscles are flexing and straining, either under an extreme weight or a repetitive action. Tension is different; if your muscles are tense, then they’re constantly tight, even when they’re at-rest. This not only makes them less flexible in general, but also reduces the amount of extra force they can take before you sustain an injury. Tight, strained, sprained or achy muscles tell your Toronto chiropractor that there is a problem to the nerves supplying them!

Keep your back healthy this season. Book an appointment today.