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2 Dietary Migraine Treatments to Complement Your Toronto Chiropractic Treatment

We’ve already covered how migraines are a bit of a medical mystery, and can be profoundly complex in nature. While chiropractic migraine treatment has been found to significantly reduce the frequency and intensity of migraine headaches, keeping track of what you eat is a great way to complement your migraine treatment.

These 2 dietary tricks, in addition to visits to your Toronto chiropractor, can help you to further reduce the frequency and intensity of migraine headaches.

If You Do Breakfast, Do It Right

As a whole, North Americans tend to fall short when it comes to breakfast. Many skip a real breakfast altogether, grabbing a coffee on their way out the door and not eating until lunch.Others opt for convenience over substance and simply settle for a piece of toast, a bagel, or a bowl of cereal to get started.

Unfortunately, our brains need protein to function. The traditional ‘bacon and eggs’ is a staple for this very reason: A solid helping of meat, eggs, cheese, and/or yoghurt to start your day gives your brain the protein it needs to get going. (Of course, bacon tends to be high in fat and sodium, and could be substituted for another source of protein.)

Mind What You Drink

Dehydration is a major contributing factor in many types of headaches, including migraines. Making sure that you keep hydrated certainly helps to stave off migraine headaches.

However, it’s just as important to keep track of what you drink as well as how much you drink. Many beverages include chemicals and ingredients that can cause migraines, including caffeine and high-fructose corn syrup. Coffee and teas can contain high levels of caffeine the levels of which can vary greatly depending on the source.For example, a cup of Starbuck’s has significantly greater amounts of caffeine than a cup of most home-brewed coffees.Many frozen treats contain large amounts of high-fructose corn syrup, and soft drinks and specialty coffees can contain high amounts of both.

When in doubt, water is always a safe bet.Staying hydrated can be as simple as keeping a reusable bottle next to your desk and refilling it a few times a day.

Do you suffer from migraine headaches? Would you like more tips on controlling your migraines? Do you want to see first-hand how chiropractic migraine treatment in Toronto can help you to reduce the frequency and severity of your headaches? Book an appointment today.